Monthly Archives: September 2011

  • Peter Broderick – Hybrid Distribution -

            Hybrid Distribution is catching on. First conceptualized by Peter Broderick, who runs Paradigm Consulting in LA, this new form of indie distribution is a way for independent film producers to find their audiences by retaining sales rights and working with multiple third party distributors rather than following the traditional route of […]

  • What Exactly is a Web Film? -

    We are starting to see the dawn of a new type of online movie maker and new forms of digital films that combine the traditions of filmmaking with the functionalities of the internet and various emerging networked digital technologies. Because of their experimental nature, web films are not easy to define, but the Pluginmanifesto Version […]

  • Filmmakers as Entrepreneurs – Graham Taylor -

            Graham Taylor’s keynote address at LAFF 2011 was a rallying call to independent filmmakers to become more entrepreneurial. Given the proliferation of networked digital technologies, a consumer revolution is afoot which is transforming the distribution landscape by enabling viewers to take control of their viewing habits and filmmakers to take control […]