Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • Social Networks as the Ultimate PR -

    Social networks as the ultimate PR — they could make critics and other “gatekeepers” obsolete. Which of course scares the hell out of the gatekeepers. If 356 million people (that’s 5% of the human race) can watch a YouTube video called “Charlie Bit My Thumb!” then it’s possible to find ways to market your work. […]

  • The Internet is Not a TV Channel -

    Edith Zimmerman claims in her article for the New York Times Magazine, “Dealing With Your Own Cultural Irrelevance (at Age 28),” that in her viewing of a YouTube video:    ‘I saw something that made me feel old, isn’t that crazy?’  She adds, ‘Then again, the Internet is a new kind of barometer for keeping […]

  • On the Certainty of Change -

      Geoffrey Gilmore recently blogged about the certainty and diversity of change in the world of independent film. He spoke in particular about the profound changes underway in the landscape of independent film distribution, in our techniques of filmmaking and forms of storytelling, and within the indie viewing audience itself. He sees a need to […]