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  • To be an actor in an industry town … -

    Some thoughts from Rick Pagano (Writer, Director, Casting Director)   There are volumes on what it means to be creative. Let me add two more metaphors to the canon. To be an actor means to play in your own sandbox, on cue, under pressure, in front of a bunch of people who need to be […]

  • John Bailey on Nollywood -

      From the blog of John Bailey, Cinematographer and Film Director …     Pieter (Hugo) in Nollywood   No one is likely to conflate the dangerous, kinetic world of Nigerian Nollywood action movies with the benign fantasies of Lewis Carroll, although each portrays a surreal universe. The Nollywood portraits of South African photographer Pieter […]

  • What does it take to train to be an actor? -

      Some Thoughts from Rick Pagano, Writer, Director, Casting Director…   I would like to talk about discipline, specifically the discipline of the Olympic athlete and how it compares to the acting profession. Think of Los Angeles as the Olympics of acting. This is the city where actors come, from all around the world, to […]