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  • “sex, lies, and videotape” (1989) - Steven Soderbergh

    “In portraying a budding relationship between a man who is impotent, except when watching his own video interviews with women on sexual topics, and a woman who finds that her husband and sister are having an affair behind her back, the writer/ director [Steven Soderbergh] manages to create neither low farce nor soap-operatic psychodrama. Actually, the film is rather touchingly romantic, in a witty, gentle, unsoppy sort of way” (Joseph Milicia, Larry Estes (Producer of SMOKE SIGNALS, THE MATING HABITS OF THE EARTHBOUND HUMAN, and COLDBLOODED and Studio Exec on THE WATERDANCE, GAS FOOD LODGING, CITY OF HOPE, and 57 others), former “acquisitions person” for Columbia Pictures discusses the history of “sex, lies, and videotape” …

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