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  • Mon Oncle d’Amerique (1980) - Alain Resnais

    “Alain Resnais’ “Mon oncle d’Amerique” (1980) is one the New Wave pioneer’s best films, a winner of the Grand Prize at Cannes. It is audacious. Beginning with big stars of the time (Gerald Depardieu, Nicole Garcia, Roger Pierre), he tells the life stories of these three in a way that promises to be traditional narrative. Then he introduces a fourth figure. This is the much older Henri Laborit, a physician, philosopher, and expert on evolutionary psychology. Laborit … plays himself, he speaks directly to the camera, he explains his theories about human behavior and how it’s often illuminated by tests involving laboratory animals … in some ways a comedy. Also a film that has you discussing it for long afterward, and not in the terms you use for most films.” (Roger Ebert).

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