Nicolas Deveaux

Writer, Director Nicolas Deveaus began working at Cube Creative in 2003 just after his graduation. His first short film, 7TONNES2,  the story of a trampolining elephant, was an instant hit at festivals in Europe (including Annecy 06, Auch05, Imagina, Alekino), on TV (Canal +, Tsr) and online (more than 6 million views on Youtube). "5m80" was created as part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Cube Creative.

Nicolas is is well-known for his 3D animal creations, as well as for his many ads and documentaries. In his work he often explores a multitude of graphic styles, as was the case in his film, ORIGINS (2008), which moves from the big bang to the first farmers in four minutes, and a sequence in SEAREX (2009), the first European 3D Imax film.  He was the Orange Award Winner in 2011 for Stereoscopic 3D content and is working on a new film about wildlife relief efforts.