• A Midnight Clear (1992) - Keith Gordon

    “… The opening shots of A MIDNIGHT CLEAR have a clarity and force that linger, casting a spell over the entire movie. They show a group of young men in Jeeps, making their way through the deep snow in an almost primeval forest. Everything is dark or blinding white; the snow crunches, reluctantly accepting the trespassers. We can see at once that this is a war movie – we know from the costumes it is World War II – but somehow the film is able to suggest some hidden purpose, and we know it will not simply tell a war story.

    … The screenplay is by the director, Keith Gordon, based on a novel by the brooding William Wharton, whose BIRDYwas also about young men changed forever by war. … The cast is first-rate, filled with young actors like  Peter Berg, Kevin Dillon, Arye Gross, Ethan Hawke, and Gary Sinese … The director, Keith Gordon, is about the same age as many of his actors … It’s a good film, and Gordon is uncanny in the way he suggests the eerie forest mysteries that permeate all of the action.” (from Roger Ebert’s review, May 1, 1992)

    “In A MIDNIGHT CLEAR just about everything works.” (Vincent Canby, NY Times, April 24, 1992)

    “Aside from his confidence with the camera and his impeccable sense of pace, [Keith Gordon’s] real strength is his work with the actors. Though the cast is young, there is no sign of Brat Pack-style self-indulgence. Instead, the ensemble functions just as a group of combat-tested soldiers would; as if, in fact, their lives depend on an almost telepathic sense of unity. The personalities of the actors are distinct, but it’s as an ensemble that they most distinguish themselves. And, as their leader, Gordon shows the kind of filmmaking talent that creates genuine excitement.” (from Hal Hinson’s review, May 1, 1992)

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    Categories: Drama