• A Talk with Hitchcock, Part 2 (1964) - Fletcher Markle

    In 1964, Alfred Hitchcock discussed his creative process with Fletcher Markle in a two-part series for Telescope produced by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.

    In A TALK WITH HITCHCOCK, PART 1,  Hitchcock discusses the techniques of montage, using black and white vs color, making silent films, novelists vs playwrights, and collaborations with musicians (with comments from the composer, Bernard Hermann). Part 1 includes references to his films THE LODGER (1927, silent), BLACKMAIL (1929), THE BIRDS (1963), SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943), PSYCHO (1960), and ROPE (1948).

    In A TALK WITH HITCHCOCK, PART 2, “Hitch” describes his thoughts about the social impact of films on audiences, his personal definition of happiness, and his theory about the theater in the year 3000. The films discussed in Part 2 include MARNI (1964), THE BIRDS (1963), PSYCHO (1960), and SUSPICION (1941), and the interview includes comments from Joan Harrison and Norman Lloyd, who collaborated with him to produce and direct his TV series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-1962).


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    Categories: Documentary