Fletcher Markle



Fletcher Markle (1921-1991) was an actor, writer, TV producer and director, as well as a film director, born in Winnepeg, Manitoba and raised in Vancouver.


(Excerpted from the Canadian Communications Foundation website): 

Fletcher Markle was one of a troupe of great Canadian radio actors who learned their craft in Vancouver in the late 30s and early 40s ... During the Second World War the actors and dramatists descended on Toronto. There Fletcher became one of about 70 Canadian writers who wrote scripts for Andrew Allan's Stage series on CBC radio ... [Markle] was responsible for actor Lorne Greene's first break in the U.S. Lorne was in New York to promote his idea for a clock that counted backwards to assist announcers. Markle had moved from Toronto to a successful career in the U.S. as a writer, producer and director. At the time he was producing the CBS Studio One series and asked Lorne if he would replace an ailing leading actor. That ultimately led Lorne Greene to fame in the role of Ben Cartwright on Bonanza.

As well as the Studio One series, Fletcher produced the 1953 -55 TV series Life With Father, Front Row Centre in 1955, and Thriller in 1960. For the big screen, he produced Jigsaw in 1949, Night Into Morning in 1951 and the Disney film The Incredible Journey in 1963 ... The Incredible Journey was filmed in Canada and Fletcher stayed to produce and host the CBC-TV series Telescope from 1963 - 1969. It's for Telescope, a half-hour documentary series "to examine, reflect and project the Canadian image" that he is best remembered in Canada.