Press Junket for Battleship Potemkin (1925)


"1905. There is a general feeling of revolution amongst the Russian populace against the Imperial rulers. This feeling is slow to reach the crew of the battleship, Potemkin. However, the crew eventually does rebel against their Imperial ruled officers for what they see as the poor conditions aboard, namely the provision of maggot infested rotting meat as their food. This mini-revolution on board leads to a confrontation between the officers and crew. News of the result of this confrontation hits the streets of Odessa as the Potemkin sails into port. The fight on board the Potemkin makes its way to the streets of Odessa as civilians want to show their support for their brothers on board. This situation leads to further actions by the Imperial army, both against the Russian civilians in Odessa as well as against the Potemkin crew."  (Written by Huggo, IMDB))


Sergei M. Eisenstein

Cast and Crew

Partial List
(excerpted from IMDB)

Writing Credits
Nina Agadzhanova … script by
Nikolai Aseyev … intertitles, uncredited
Sergei M. Eisenstein … uncredited
Sergei Tretyakov … intertitles, uncredited

Aleksandr Antonov … Grigory Vakulinchuk
Vladimir Barksy … Commander Golikov
Grigori Aleksandrov … Chief Officer Gillarovsky
Ivan Bobrov … Young Sailor Flogged While Sleeping
Mikhail Gomorov … Militant Sailor
Aleksandr Levshin … Petty Officer
N. Poltavtseva … Woman with Pince-nez
Konstantin Feldman … Student Agitator
Prokopenko … Woman Carrying Wounded Boy
A. Glauberman … Wounded Boy
Beatrice Vitoldi … Woman with Baby Carriage

Music by
Yati Durant
Vladimir Heifetz
Nikolai Kryukov
Chris Lowe
Edmund Meisel
Neil Tennant

Cinematography by
Eduard Tisse … Lead Cinematography
Vladimir Popov … uncredited

Film Editing by
Grigori Aleksandrov … re-issue, uncredited
Sergei M. Einstein … uncredited

Awards, Nominations, Festivals

2013 - Online Film & Television Association - won OFTA Film Hall of Fame for Motion Picture
1958 - Voted greatest film of all time at the Brussels, Belgium World's Fair