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Leanne Allison

After taking a course at The Gulf Islands Film and Television School in 2003, Leanne plunged into the craft of documentary filmmaking while following the Porcupine Caribou Herd. Most of what she’s learned since those initial days comes from direct experience and, according to the various producers she’s worked with, a natural affinity for working in film. Her specialty is working as a one-person crew in difficult (and hard-to-reach) locations in the outdoors. She has the skills to ski, hike and paddle into remote settings, capture the required footage and sound, and return to her edit suite where she crafts the raw materials into a compelling story. She offers:  Extensive mountain and river travel skills, shooting experience in all kinds of extreme conditions, post production in-house, keen eye for story, higher than normal tolerance to bugs! (Necessary Journeys)

Jeremy Mendes

Jeremy Mendes is a Vancouver based artist with over 12 years experience working on interactive projects. He is currently working with the National Film board of Canada as a Creator and Interactive Producer. His recent success with Bear 71 has landed numerous awards including a Cannes Cyber Lion, and FWA Site of the Year 2012. He has attended festivals internationally, performing a live version of the project and speaking to audiences about interactive work –venues include IDFA, DOXA and Rooftops festival NYC. Other NFB projects include co-creation of This Land — with a handful of other titles due to launch this year. These interactive projects truly capitalize on his collective experience — requiring an understanding of story, culture, art and design. And importantly, how these elements are conveyed through interactive experiences. He Graduated from Emily Carr in 1996 and specializes in Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design and Illustration. His experience spans — storytelling, interactive design, motion design, information design, creative conceptual work, brand development and advertising. (