• “Let’s Just Stay Home – Part III” -

    Back in the late 70’s, Stephen King, not exactly an esoteric writer, allowed that comic book heroes could be acceptable paradigms for adolescents, but watch out if those same comic books became the primary source of entertainment for grown men and women.

  • “Let’s Just Stay Home …” -

    “A son says to his mother, on the other side of the earth:  ‘I want you to come and see me.’ Vashti watched his face in the blue plate. ‘But I can see you!’ she exclaimed. ‘What more do you want?’ (E.M.Forster)

  • Embracing VR at Tribeca 2017 -

    After its debut in 2016, Tribeca Immersive’s Virtual Arcade was back at Tribeca 2017 in full force, combined this time around with the Storyscapes Program, now in its fifth year, bridging filmmaking, technology and storytelling.