• Henry Jenkins – Spreadable Media





    With the proliferation of networked digital technologies and the advent of participatory media, artists of all kinds, from writers to musicians to independent filmmakers, have been at the forefront of the DIY approach to the production and marketing of their work, as well as to the search for independent channels of distribution.

    Henry Jenkins, currently a Provost Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at USC, has studied and written widely about this phenomena and the emergence of our increasingly participatory and convergent culture. His latest book, “Spreadable Media: Creating Meaning and Value in a Networked Culture” was co-authored with Sam Ford and Joshua Green. Although it is not expected to come out until the fall of 2012 through New York University Press, the buzz has already begun … 

  • Press Release – Rikaroo Site for Film Submissions

    New York, NY – October 15, 2011 – The RIKAROO Film Collective, in cooperation with United Digtial Filmmakers, today announced the launch of, a place for independent filmmakers in search of exposure to submit their films for review by a jury of industry professionals and possible selection for exhibition online.

    RIKAROO is the first industry-curated site for the on-line exhibition of high-quality, independent films, most of which have been denied the kind of exposure that would have found their audiences …

  • Jon Reiss – “Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul”




    Jon Reiss, an award-winning producer and director, recently launched a new book for independent filmmakers and those interested in digital independent film distribution.

    Co-written with Sheri Candler and The Film Collaborative, it’s called “SELLING YOUR FILM WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL” and was launched on multiple platforms simultaneously.


    According to Reiss …

  • Peter Broderick – Hybrid Distribution





    Hybrid Distribution is catching on.

    First conceptualized by Peter Broderick, who runs Paradigm Consulting in LA, this new form of indie distribution is a way for independent film producers to find their audiences by retaining sales rights and working with multiple third party distributors rather than following the traditional route of giving away all rights to a single distributor …

  • What Exactly is a Web Film?

    We are starting to see the dawn of a new type of online movie maker and new forms of digital films that combine the traditions of filmmaking with the functionalities of the internet and various emerging networked digital technologies. Because of their experimental nature, web films are not easy to define, but the Pluginmanifesto Version 1.3 has made an attempt to outline the basics …

  • Filmmakers as Entrepreneurs – Graham Taylor





    Graham Taylor’s keynote address at LAFF 2011 was a rallying call to independent filmmakers to become more entrepreneurial.

    Given the proliferation of networked digital technologies, a consumer revolution is afoot which is transforming the distribution landscape by enabling viewers to take control of their viewing habits and filmmakers to take control of the distribution of their films.

    In Taylor’s own words …