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  • VICE -

    What do the stories of Dennis Rodman’s roadtrip to North Korea, the report from the Ukraine by Simon Ostrovsky, who was kidnapped and released in the process, and, more recently, THE ISLAMIC STATE documentary by freelancer Medyan Dairieh all have in common? In a word: Vice.

  • Fort McMoney (2013) -

    “Looks like a documentary, plays out like a video game, and pushes the boundaries of both. Produced by the National Film Board [of Canada] and the Montreal-based game developer TOXA, the game lets people explore a virtual version of Fort McMurray, Alberta, the face of Canada’s oil industry.”

  • Extremely Short Shorts -

    In an age of tweets and texts, cellphone novels and films created with iPhones, it seems that short is in vogue, at least when it comes to technology-enabled communications and artistic expression. Perhaps it’s the fast pace of our lives these days. Everyone’s so busy. No one seems to have any time. Or, maybe it’s the easy and affordable access people now have to the technology. With just the expense of a smartphone, anyone can make a film, particularly a short film, right?

  • YouTube channels head to Europe -

        Last year Google’s YouTube reportedly shelled out more than $100 million in advances to producers in the U.S. for the creation of original, online-native content. This year, YouTube has turned to European producers as well, with plans to move on to Brazil, India, Japan and dozens of others sometime very soon.