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  • Coming Soon: Microsoft’s 1st Live-Action Web Series -

    In an attempt to open up its upcoming Xbox 360 game, “Halo 4,” to a broader audience, Microsoft has created its first ever live-action Web series, called “Forward Unto Dawn,” which will debut on October, 5th, a month before the launch of the actual game. Word has it that eventually they want to turn the […]

  • iPhone Film Festival Winners -

    With numerous film festivals held each year in cities large and small around the world, there are festivals out there for all sizes and shapes of films, filmmakers and their film loving fans. Among the latest are the mobile phone film festivals.

  • What’s Up with Original Programming at Amazon? -

    First, there was Amazon Studios. Now, there’s Amazon Studios’ People’s Production Company. Amazon recently posted some new job listings as part of a search for what   Ryan Lawler ( describes as, “…creative execs to develop programming through its Amazon Studios initiative. The jobs specifically are for the “People’s Production Company,” which is the name of […]

  • Hulu Joins The Original Programming Game -

    Hulu has announced the upcoming launch of an original, scripted series, “Battleground,” for streaming online, joining other online players like Google’s YouTube, Yahoo, and Netflix in the direct-to-web, original programming game. “Battlefield,” a timely series about a fictional political campaign, debuts on Hulu on February 14th. Although first developed, then dropped, by Fox, “Battlefield” will […]

  • The Internet is Not a TV Channel -

    Edith Zimmerman claims in her article for the New York Times Magazine, “Dealing With Your Own Cultural Irrelevance (at Age 28),” that in her viewing of a YouTube video:    ‘I saw something that made me feel old, isn’t that crazy?’  She adds, ‘Then again, the Internet is a new kind of barometer for keeping […]

  • Smaller Screens, Mobile Viewing, Shorter Forms -

    Reported today in Nikki Finke:  “Coinciding with the first shipments of the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet™, Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) today unveiled a new interface for Android-powered tablets that makes browsing and instantly watching unlimited TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix better than ever.”   Which brings up a few […]