• Following (1998) - Christopher Nolan

    Before there was MAN OF STEEL (2013), THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012), INCEPTION (2010), THE DARK KNIGHT (2008), THE PRESTIGE (2006), BATMAN BEGINS (2005), INSOMNIA (2002), or MEMENTO (2000), there was FOLLOWING (1998), Christopher Nolan’s debut feature film, a noir thriller, which he wrote, directed, filmed, co-produced and and co-edited on a production budget of $6,000.

    “Manipulating time and fate are ways to turn even a trite narrative into something startling. And these methods have become more pervasive as filmmaking adjusts to the arbitrary logic of the interactive game. So the same kinds of chronology tricks that have influenced films as different as SLIDING DOORS, THE MATRIX and RUN LOLA RUN …  now shape another work … FOLLOWING, a black-and-white film noir with a difference … As FOLLOWING teasingly confounds the viewer, it also unravels its mysteries through effectively moody acting … and with agile hand-held camerawork that turns its spare look into an advantage.

    The look is admirable and so is the story of how FOLLOWING was made. Shot on a year’s worth of Saturdays while the principals held weekday jobs, and using the house of Mr. Nolan’s parents as its principal location, it involved six months’ worth of sporadic rehearsals before filming began. As a result, the actors convincingly carry off the before, during and after modes that the film eventually, and artfully, weaves together.” (excerpted from Maslin, NYTimes, 1999)

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