• Fort McMoney (2013) - David Dufresne

     “While filming a documentary about divisive oil refinery ventures in the subzero cold of Fort McMurray, Alberta, the director David Dufresne said he wasn’t considering only pollution in that Canadian boomtown or the vast tar sands beneath its frozen ground. He was also thinking deeply about technology, about making a new kind of hybrid media, a docugame … Mr. Dufresne’s test of a new form lets players consider dozens of viewpoints and societal challenges.

    Dominique Willieme, an interactive producer at the National Film Board of Canada, which provided 30 percent of the project’s budget of 870,000 Canadian dollars, was initially skeptical, because other documentarians and news organizations had covered the oil sands issue. “But this asks the question, ‘How does interactivity change the way we can talk to people and to involve them?’ ” he said.” (New York Times, 11/26/13)

    “Users can navigate the game on their own but are encouraged to participate in some multi-player features including daily polls and a weekly referendum, such as the … question which asks should taxes on petroleum products be higher? The game is structured in four weekly parts, with a new referendum question and new content unlocked every seven days.” (Financial Post, 11/27/13)

    “Two years of research including 60 days of filming and 55 interviews went into creating the game. Created by David Dufresne, FORT McMONEY is being made by TOXA in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada and ARTE. Media partners include the Globe and Mail, Radio-Canada, Le Monde and Süddeutsche.de.” (Avenue Calgary, 11/7/13)

    Play FORT McMONEY …

    Listen to director, David Dufresne, and his team talk about the project …


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