Press Junket for Fort McMoney (2013)

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"Looks like a documentary, plays out like a video game, and pushes the boundaries of both. Produced by the National Film Board [of Canada] and the Montreal-based game developer TOXA, the game lets people explore a virtual version of Fort McMurray, Alberta, the face of Canada's oil industry.

By using real footage and allowing the audience to interact with the real people involved, the game's aim is to give people a better understanding of the complexities of the oilsands issues." (CBC Canada, 11/28/13)

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David Dufresne

Cast and Crew

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Cinematography – Philippe Brault
Editing – Sebastien Goyette
Production Assistant – Claudie Gravel
Music – Ramachandra Borcar
Mix – Jean-Olivier Begin
Soung – Philippe Brault, David Dufresne


Director – Pauline Boisbouvier
Art Director – Maudice Thibodeau
Gameplay – David Dufresne, Guillaume Pereault-Roy
Technical Director – Chirs Lebel, Frederic Lemieux, Dominic Mercier
Dvelopment – Akufen, Auguste+lLouis, Departement, Clement Guillou, Dominic Mercier, Romain Prache
Interface Design – Chloe Chevalier, Jean-Philippe Cyr, Maude Thibodeau
Graphics – Simon Langlois, Vanessa Breton, Camille Boileau


Producers – Philippe Lamarre, Raphaelie Huysmans


Executive Producer – Hugues Sweeney
Producer – Dominique Willieme


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