• High Maintenance (2006) - Philip Van


    [HIGH MAINTENANCE] is about a woman who is dissatisfied with her monotonous marriage and decides to exchange her husband for an upgrade. In the near-future, husbands are modified and can be bought on the consumer market.The film uses hi-concept ideas to really focus on a small inner-personal story about a woman on her search for fulfillment through a man. Of course, it doesn’t turn out as she expected it to, and she has to deal with the consequences.(Student Filmmakers Magazine)



    “We only had a week to shoot, cut and finish this film. This was a rule of the German competition we were in and was designed to mitigate costs and keep productivity high. I had been a part of productions similar to this before and normally they take three to six months. To make good on our limited time we planned things rigorously. I storyboarded everything, annotated the script until the page was black, worked intensively with my actors and along with my outstanding cinematographer and assistant director, scaled the schedule down to its bones … Felix Novo De Oliveira, my DP on HIGH MAINTENANCE, is a German cinematographer who brought to the film his sharp eye and distinct visual sensibilities. I chose him because his natural tastes are very similar to my own. For my film, we talked a lot about a high contrast look created through soft light. We loved the hi-con aesthetic of Film Noir but didn’t want to use hard sources. Soft, diffuse light referenced the romantic genre, and the combination of the two looks blended light the way my film blends genres. (Phillip Van, Oregon Literary Review)


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