Christian Fonnesbech

(from Investigate North press materials)

For 13 years, Christian Fonnesbech has pursued a vision of the Internet as the next step in storytelling.


Having spent a large percentage of his youth on Role Playing Games and home computers,Christian studied Film & Media Science at the University of Copenhagen while directing 10 short films and an underground TV series.He graduated in 1999 and switched directly to the Internet.


In a professional capacity, Christian has since directed and produced more than 35 online and transmedia projects for learning, entertainment and communication. As the driving force in all of the projects, Christian has repeatedly explored the way dramatic content works, as well as how it is developed and produced, both online and across media. Along the way, he and his team have developed a method that combines social networking with games and films into a single narrative experience.


Christian was born in Virum, Denmark in 1969. He was partially raised in Glastonbury, England (from 7-14 years of age).


His 35+ projects include:


The Climate Mystery (2009) - Collaborative online fiction &  eco-thriller for 12-18 year olds.

Galathea Mysteriet (2008) - Collaborative online thriller for 12-18 year olds.

Sat Ud (2008) - online learning & ghost stories for the City of Copenhagen.

Avalonia (2007) - Combined strategy game with epic fantasy story (for Actebis).

TDC: 5 (2007) - Collaborative online thriller (TDC).

De Familie Zwerver (2005) - online comedy universe centered on webisodes.

Hr & Fru Ballerup (2005) - cross-media fictional universe.

Kjeld & Lykke (2004) - Online universe and romantic comedy.

Anders & Henriette (2003) - Romantic comedy in the form of webisode

Split's Eventyr (2003) - cross media universe of the Council for Greater Traffic Safety.