• Jon Avnet and Rodrigo Garcia debut WIGS on YouTube May 14th -

    WIGS, one of the new original channels on YouTube,

    is set to debut on May 14th with “JAN.”




    Created by filmmakers Jon Avnet (BLACK SWAN, FRIED GREEN TOMATOES) and Rodrigo Garcia (ALBERT NOBBS), WIGS will feature scripted shorts with female leads including Julia Stiles, Jennifer Beals, American Ferrara, Dakota Fanning, and Alison Janney.

    In addition to the shorts, WIGS also includes documentaries, behind-the-scenes videos, and other unscripted content.

    American Express will be one of the main sponsors.



    “JAN” is a dramatic short scripted and directed by Jon Avnet, starring Virginia Madsen, Caitlin Gerard, Stephen Moyer, and Kyle Gallner.




    Up next is a short film from Rodrigo Garcia called “SERENA”, starring Jennifer Garner and Alfred Molina.




    “BLUE,”  starring Julia Stiles, Sarah Paulson, and Jeanne Tripplehorn, is up third.



    According to John Jannarone and Christopher S. Stewart

    in an article in the Wall Street Journal (May 3, 2012):



    “YouTube, owned by Google, showcased WIGS Wednesday night at an advertiser presentation.

    YouTube is investing over $100 million in content for channels like WIGS in a bid to attract talent to its ad-driven platform.

    Among them are ones from established talent, including Amy Poehler, of “Saturday Night Live” fame, and Jay-Z.

    YouTube also announced on Wednesday a TeamUSA channel, from the U.S. Olympic Committee, focused on the 2012 Games, along with a channel called the Picture Show, from the parent company of the Tribeca Film Festival. YouTube said Wednesday it would spend $200 million to market original content through a variety of channels.

    So far, YouTube’s strategy isn’t to own content outright but partner with those who produce it and generate advertising revenue.

    The Google presentation followed similar advertiser events staged in recent days by other online outlets like Yahoo, AOL, and Hulu Inc. Each has been investing lately in new programming in an effort to attract more viewers. By staging these presentations, something that television networks have been doing for years, the digital companies are hoping to snag more ad dollars.

    Of all the digital companies, YouTube is a heavyweight when it comes to viewers, drawing more than 750 million unique visitors a month globally, according to comScore’s most recent data. That easily dwarfs the audience size for traditional TV networks.”

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