• Loom (2012) - Luke Scott

    “Written and directed by Luke Scott (Ridley’s son), the sci-fi short film “LOOM” is gathering attention and praise on both film and sci-fi sites as an example of the clear beauty of RED Epic 3D and the company’s new laser projector. Cinematographer Dariusz Wolski does gorgeous work with the camera, bolstered by an atmospheric score, but it’s Scott’s script and direction, along with Giovanni Ribisi’s quiet performance, that demonstrate the 20-minute film has potential to be more.” (Erin Keane, Salon, August 2012)


    “LOOM was shot on RED Epic in 4K 3D in the tone and style of Ridley Scott’s dystopian Blade Runner to showcase the prototype 4K REDray 3D laser cinema projector. The piece was crafted to test the limits of the colour range and exposure, allowing viewers to see fine details even in extremely low light scenes.
    RED initially presented Loom at the 2012 NAB Show on April 2012.” (Alexandrosmaragos.com, September 2012)

    “LOOM was produced … to showcase new [RED] camera and projection technology which utilizes the relatively new ultra-high definition 4k format standard … For the uninitiated, that’s a 16:9 image at 8.3 megapixels per frame, or a little less than 4,000 pixels across (a 1080p television is just shy of 2,000 px across).


     … The purpose of the format is to be able to fit enough information on the screen at once, that left and right channels do not have to alternate to produce a 3D image, they can project simultaneously, resulting in reduced eyestrain and a more natural 3D image … LOOM was designed with some shots that are very challengingly lit and composed in order to showcase just what these projectors can do.” (CB Droege, tgdaily.com, August 2014



    Check out the full resolution version of the video on reduser.net




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