Press Junket for Loom (2012)


The film is set in the mid-21st century and stars Giovanni Ribisi as a scientist working at a laboratory attempting to grow meat for human consumption. While he plays worker bee during the day, he's got a secret that could land him in jail. (Joe Marine, NoFilmSchool, August 2012)


Luke Scott

Cast and Crew

Written by
Luke Scott

Partial Cast and Crew
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Gino Aquino – Tico
Evelyn Edwards – Psychiatrist
Cosme Espinoza III – Security Guard Hernandez
Kimi Evans – Newsreader
Patrick Foy – Agent Walton
Jelly Howie – Escha
Giovanni Ribisi – Tommy Galvan

Produced by
Jules Daly – producer
Jim Jannard – producer
Jarred Land – producer
Tracie Norfleet – executive producer
Ridley Scott – executive producer
Jan Wieringa – executive producer

Music by
Simon Elms – music composer
Colin Smith

Cinematography by
Dariusz Wolski

Film Editing by
Chris Seagers

Other Information:

Ridley Scott on RED - "Published on Sep 28, 2012 - In a rare, exclusive interview, Ridley Scott gives a glimpse into his leap to   digital acquisition and how RED has changed the way he shoots his movies. Once a self-proclaimed "film man," Ridley discovered that he could acquire images that met a sharpness and clarity he had always sought when he chose RED." (YouTube)