Press Junket for Session Man (1991)


When personal and creative differences threaten to destroy a musical supergroup during the recording of an album, studio guitar player McQueen is brought in to smooth out the tracks. Soon he is reconsidering the direction of his life as he dreams of the elusive brass ring. (Written by David Fowler, IMDb)


Seth Winston

Cast and Crew

Partial Cast and Crew List (Fandango)


Robert Knepper – Perry Cole
Jeff Kober – Dean
James Remar – McQueen
Chad Smith – Spider


Seth Winston – Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Robert N. Fried – Producer
Charlie Lieberman – Cinematographer
Charmain Espinoza – Costume Designer
Debra Bard – Editor
Don Davis – Composer (Music Score)
Robert L. Smith – Production Designer

Awards, Nominations, Festivals

1991 - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - Best Live Action Short