Treva Wurmfeld

Excerpted from Scott Macaulay, Filmmaker, 2012

Wurmfeld, who splits her time between Los Angeles, Austin and New York, got her MFA in video art from Hunter College, studied interactive media in the Netherlands and worked for Doug Liman right out of school, first as a VFX assistant on Mr. & Mrs. Smith and then EPK director for Jumper. She met Shepard on the EPK for Liman’s Fair Game, filming a great interview with him that she describes as “a collaborative happening of sorts — it felt like we were riffing off the moment.” She reconnected with Shepard through director Michael Almereyda and proposed a film. When she learned that Shepard and his emotional opposite, the equally engaging Dark, were collaborating on an archival project for Texas State University, one that would gather all their correspondence over the years, she knew she had the film’s focus.