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  • Three Trembling Cities (2016) - Arthur Vincie

    A new series about the immigrants who make New York City’s heart tremble with hope.

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  • Sickhouse – A Made for Mobile Movie (2016) - Hannah Macpherson

      Stealth-launched on Snapchat and experienced by millions, SICKHOUSE, [is] a “made for mobile” horror thriller produced by Indigenous Media, starring digital superstars Andrea Russett and Sean O’Donnell. (Vimeo.com)

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  • VICE -

    What do the stories of Dennis Rodman’s roadtrip to North Korea, the report from the Ukraine by Simon Ostrovsky, who was kidnapped and released in the process, and, more recently, THE ISLAMIC STATE documentary by freelancer Medyan Dairieh all have in common? In a word: Vice.

  • iPhone Film Festival Winners -

    With numerous film festivals held each year in cities large and small around the world, there are festivals out there for all sizes and shapes of films, filmmakers and their film loving fans. Among the latest are the mobile phone film festivals.