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  • INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE – 3-pronged digital release -

    INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival where it won the award for best editing in the World Documentary Competition. It’s the story of four struggling independent game designers, Phil Fish, Edmund McMillen, Tommy Refenes, and Johnathan Blow, and the three games, Fez, Super Meat Boy, and Braid, they fought tooth and nail […]

  • Morgan Spurlock on Taking Chances -

          Morgan Spurlock, probably best known for his documentary SUPER SIZE ME (2004), which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary, has some advice for independent filmmakers.             TAKE CHANCES!

  • Kenton Bartlett’s MISSING PIECES -

        Kenton Bartlett, director, writer, producer, is 23 years old. He wrote MISSING PIECES, a suspenseful, romantic comedy, when he was 19. Three and half years later his film is finished. Total budget: $80,000. Length:  117 minutes. Cast:  includes Mark Boone Junior (Memento, Batman Begins, Se7en) and Melora Walters (Magnolia, Dead Poet’s Society, Butterfly […]

  • Crowdfunding in the News -

      Question: What do independent films like Blue Like Jazz by Steve Taylor, Minecraft: The Story of Mojang by 2 Player Productions, Neil Gaiman’s The Price by Christopher Salmon, and My Reincarnation by Jennifer Fox have in common?     Answer:  They are currently the top-funded film projects on Kickstarter to the tune of $345,995, […]

  • Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts -

                   Earlier this year the co-founders of The Rikaroo Film Collective were interviewed by author John Gaspard for his blog, Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts. Here’s an excerpt from the interview …

  • Henry Jenkins – Spreadable Media -

            With the proliferation of networked digital technologies and the advent of participatory media, artists of all kinds, from writers to musicians to independent filmmakers, have been at the forefront of the DIY approach to the production and marketing of their work, as well as to the search for independent channels of […]