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  • Good News for Indie Filmmakers from the European Commission -

    EU Wants More Indie Films Released Online Reporting for Reuters by Ethan Bilby, editing by Paul Casciato BRUSSELS (Reuters, October 23, 2012) “Ever turn on your television to find the same tired line-up of last season’s movies available to watch? Or been disappointed about how it takes weeks for a movie to arrive on-demand? While […]

  • Crowdfunding on Mobcaster, Aiming for a TV Deal -

    Jeff Koenig, founder of OMFGeek, has a plan. In the past, he’s been behind the development of a number of web series. Now he’s using the crowd funding site, Mobcaster, to raise funds for a pilot for an independent scifi/comedy series called Drifter. What’s different this time?

  • … And Now There’s SLATED -

    First, there were crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo designed to make the process of donating to creative projects more broadly and easily accessible. Now, there’s SLATED … A new online film investment marketplace designed to connect accredited investors with independent filmmakers who have high quality  films in need of financing.