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  • “Let’s Just Stay Home – Part III” -

    Back in the late 70’s, Stephen King, not exactly an esoteric writer, allowed that comic book heroes could be acceptable paradigms for adolescents, but watch out if those same comic books became the primary source of entertainment for grown men and women.

  • THE CLOUD CHAMBER MYSTERY (2013) - Christian Fonnesbech

    What happens when audiences participate and technology and storytelling collide? THE CLOUD CHAMBER MYSTERY, which launched online on October 4th, 2013, is one of the latest projects to explore these questions as it weaves together elements from classical theater, game design, electronic music, science, social media, and cinematography.

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  • Is 2013 going to usher in the Golden Age of Cinema? -

      According to Adam Leipzig, film and theatre producer, writer, Cultural Weekly’s Publisher and former executive at Disney and National Geographic, a perfect storm has developed from the collision of new technologies, new business models, and new creative talent and it’s creating a new Golden Age in cinema.

  • What does it take to train to be an actor? -

      Some Thoughts from Rick Pagano, Writer, Director, Casting Director…   I would like to talk about discipline, specifically the discipline of the Olympic athlete and how it compares to the acting profession. Think of Los Angeles as the Olympics of acting. This is the city where actors come, from all around the world, to […]

  • Crowdfunding on Mobcaster, Aiming for a TV Deal -

    Jeff Koenig, founder of OMFGeek, has a plan. In the past, he’s been behind the development of a number of web series. Now he’s using the crowd funding site, Mobcaster, to raise funds for a pilot for an independent scifi/comedy series called Drifter. What’s different this time?

  • … And Now There’s SLATED -

    First, there were crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo designed to make the process of donating to creative projects more broadly and easily accessible. Now, there’s SLATED … A new online film investment marketplace designed to connect accredited investors with independent filmmakers who have high quality  films in need of financing.

  • Hulu Joins The Original Programming Game -

    Hulu has announced the upcoming launch of an original, scripted series, “Battleground,” for streaming online, joining other online players like Google’s YouTube, Yahoo, and Netflix in the direct-to-web, original programming game. “Battlefield,” a timely series about a fictional political campaign, debuts on Hulu on February 14th. Although first developed, then dropped, by Fox, “Battlefield” will […]