• Turner Classic Movies + Criterion: Here Comes Filmstruck! -


     Filmstruck is …

    … a Netflix for indie film lovers
    … subscription-based, commercial free
    … on demand, anytime, anywhere
    … offering hard to find films
    … hundreds of titles
    … from Turner Classic Movies (TCM)
    … and the Criterion Collection 
    … with thematic curation by experts
    … and deep dives into rare footage and special features
    … streaming on available devices

    “FilmStruck is entering a niche-streaming field that’s already very crowded. Movie sites like Fandor, Mubi, Tribeca Shortlist and SundanceNow already cover much of the same non-Hollywood ground as FilmStruck … [but] FilmStruck has one big advantage — the connection to Criterion, by far the most prestigious name in DVD and Blu-ray distribution, and its 1,500-film catalog of art-house classics … The site’s two-tiered pricing reflects the importance of that connection: A FilmStruck subscription is $6.99 a month, but full access to the Criterion Channel within FilmStruck costs $10.99. (An annual subscription to both is $99.) … its elegant interface and the Criterion catalog give it a big head start in the battle to be the second buy.” (Mike Hale, NYTimes, November 1, 2016).

    Criterion’s Jonathan Turell and Peter Becker describe the two Filmstruck offerings, “… the primary service, programmed by the team at TCM … [which has] a rotating selection of Criterion titles alongside movies licensed from sources around the world. [And] a premium option … the Criterion Channel [which is] programmed and produced by the Criterion team [and offers] unlimited access to the largest selection of Criterion titles ever available on a streaming service … [with] original, channel-exclusive content, director profiles, live events, guest-curated series, and a programming rotation where there will be something new happening just about every night of the week.” (Jonathan Turell and Peter Becker, Criterion.com).

    “Much like a movie theater, FilmStruck will “program” titles every week, creating a curated selection of quality movies while also allowing customers to have the run of its deep library … Perhaps the biggest bet that FilmStruck and Criterion are making is that consumers will value a service with many hundreds of titles and that offers thoughtful film curation beyond just categories like “new releases,” “family friendly” and “popular.” If they’re right, they do stand to benefit from having a truly differentiated offering.” (Graham Winfrey, Indiewire, November 1, 2016)