Christian Marclay

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Marclay began his exploration into sound and art through performances with turntables in 1979, while he was still a student. Early work includes a series of RECYCLED RECORDS (1980-86), fragmented and reassembled vinyl records that became hybrid objects that could be played ... For his BODY MIX series (1991-92), he stitched together album covers into works to create strange phantasms of music and culture ... Virtuoso (1999) ... features an accordion with its bellows elongated to more than seven meters. This playfulness with sound and image is also a feature of his SNAPSHOTS, an ongoing, informal series of photographs that depict elements of sound and onomatopoeia that the artist discovers in everyday situations.

Over the last decade, Marclay has created ambitious work in a variety of media. The video GUITAR DRAG (2000) features a Fender Stratocaster being dragged behind a pick-up truck along rough country roads in Texas ... VIDEO QUARTET (2002), a large, four-screen projection featuring hundreds of clips from old Hollywood films, with actors and musicians making sound or playing instruments, represents a high point of his vision ... Marclay used a similar technique with Crossfire (2007), a four-screen installation that surrounds the viewer with clips of actors handling and discharging guns directly at the viewer ... More recently he created THE CLOCK (2010).

Christian Marclay was born in California in 1955, raised in Switzerland and now lives in New York.