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"In 1944 in German-occupied Paris, the Americans are moving closer to liberating the city. German Col. Franz von Waldheim (Paul Scofield) orders the priceless works of art from the Jeu de Paume Museum packed up and transported to Germany. Museum Superintendent Mlle.Villard (Suzanne Flon) attempts to convince railway Station-master Labiche (Burt Lancaster) that he should sabotage the train transporting the art so it isn't taken from France. Labiche, part of an underground group of saboteurs, derides the idea because he wants to destroy a trainload of German weapons, but he assigns Papa Boule (Michel Simon) to drive the train with the art to Germany. Papa Boule is a feisty rail professional with no affection for the Germans, so he sabotages the art train, ironically causing it to be missed by an air raid that disables most of the other trains. A German Officer discovers Papa Boule's actions and has him executed to make an example of him, and orders Labiche to drive the art train himself to Germany.

 ... Through a series of complex maneuvers, Labiches manages to divert the art train and direct it back to Paris, causing massive railway damage in the process, and incurring the wrath of Col. Waldheim. Walhdeim places civilian hostages on the train engine to prevent further attacks from the Resistance fighters. When more civilians are killed, Labiche is determined to prevent Waldheim from acquiring the train ... While Labiche's cause looks hopeless—one man against a train-full of Germans—he manages to finally derail it. Waldheim refuses to concede defeat. He tries to commandeer a passing German convoy ... The German convoy officer ignores Waldheim and orders the men to reboard the trucks. Waldheim orders the hostages executed, and Labiche is powerless to stop him. When Waldheim is offered a seat on the convoy, he refuses, preferring to wait and confront Labiche. He insults Labiche, telling him that he has no idea of the true value of what he has saved, and that art belongs to whoever can best appreciate it, that is, himself. Labiche considers the executed civilians, rather than the art, and guns Waldheim down."

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John Frankenheimer

Cast and Crew

Partial Cast and Crew
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Writing Credits
Franklin Coen – screen story, screenplay
Frank Davis – screen story, screenplay

Rose Valland – book – “Le Font de l’Art”

Burt Lancaster – Labiche
Paul Scofield –  – Von Waldheim
Jeanne Moreau – Christine
Suzanne Flon – Mile Villard
Michel Simon – Papa Boule
Wolfgang Preiss – Herren

Produced by
Jules Bricken – Producer
Bernard Farrel – Associate Producer

Music by
Maurice Jarre

Cinematography by
Jean Tournier
Walter Wottitz

Film Editing by
David Brehterten


Awards, Nominations, Festivals

1966 - Franklin Coen and Frank Davis nominated for an Academy Award for Best Writing, Story and Screenplay - Written Directly for the Screen

1966 - won National Board of Review award, Top Ten Films

1965 - nominated for a BAFTA Film Award, Best Film from any Source

1965 - Burt Lancaster awarded 2nd place, Golden Laurel, Laurel Award for Action Performance