• Three Trembling Cities (2016) - Arthur Vincie


    directed by Arthur Vincie and produced by Daria Sommers,

    “is a ten-episode doc/fiction hybrid about the inner lives and daily struggles of immigrants living in NYC who are juggling jobs, family expectations, dreams, money and relationships. The season follows two fictional “circles” of immigrants. The first circle struggles with identity, the second struggles with survival.” (Arthur Vincie, Three Trembling Cities, Movie Maker, October 21, 2016). 

    Intercut between episodes are interviews with immigrants who’ve faced similar issues. 

    The series was crowd funded almost entirely by NYC’s immigrant community from which many of the storylines were drawn. The cast includes Nanditha Chandra (FALLING WATER), Arash Mokhtar (ELEMENTARY, MADAME SECRETARY) and Yacine Djoumbaye (Sundance hit JUNGLE).

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