Arthur Vincie

Excerpted from IMDB ...

Arthur has over 10 years of film and television production experience as a line producer, producer, and director. He recently wrote and directed the sci-fi feature Found in Time(2012), which is now available on Amazon, Vudu, and other platforms. It won the Best Feature award at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, the Best Sci-Fi Feature awards at Shriekfest, ShockerFest, Phoenix Comic-Con and Intendence, and was an official selection at 25 festivals, including the Boston Sci-Fi, Nevermore, International Horror & Sci-Fi, Imagine Fantastic (Netherlands), Louisville International, and GenCon.

Caleb's Door (2009) his first feature, is available on DVD and VOD. Arthur's shorts The Prayer Tree (2009), Matter (2009), "Mornir/Mornen" and "Secret Language" have screened at various festivals and art venues, in New York, Texas, LA, and in Europe.

Arthur has also line produced or production managed several features, including Helena from the Wedding (2010); Goodbye Baby (2007); _Windows (2006)_ qv; Rock the Paint(2005); The Toe Tactic (2008)Racing Daylight (2007) starring David Strathairn and Melissa Leo. These films have screened at the Sundance, Slamdance, SXSW, Tribeca, Nantucket, Rome, Woodstock, and other film festivals, and have gone on to theatrical, DVD, cable and VOD distribution.