United Digital Filmmakers

We aim to show filmmakers that their power comes only from working with other professionals, in a mission-oriented endeavor to help sustain a truly industry-curated site that doesn’t own the rights to the films, that allows filmmakers to retain autonomy over the face of their creations. We’re living in the confluence of technological, creative, and economic forces that are severely limiting the upside of independent film production, especially at the delivery end (distribution), where many of the smaller distribution houses have closed over the past five years.

Even as we emerge from the Great Recession, the marketing of large-budget studio fare, video games, TV and other streamed on-line content will inevitably drive eyeballs to the destinations that are supported with the most marketing dollars. Which will of course load the dice against independent films, which by their nature have limited marketing resources.

Of course, filmmakers (and their investors) want their films to make money. The casts and crews who have worked on these films at fractions of their usual rates (or sometimes even for free) will be eager to see their deferred payments (usually a percentage of profits). So naturally, these filmmakers and prodcuers will tend to sign on with “distributors” who will own the content in exchange for dubious guarantees of exhibition in small, remote movie theaters or at on-line sites that have limited viewership. In hindsight, most filmmakers wish they’d chosen other strategies in their pursuit of at least a break-even position, let alone a profitable one.

So, Mission Number One is: find good films and get them seen. Connect them with audiences looking for interesting independent films. Which means making Rikaroo, our consumer site, a destination site for audiences, and for the filmmakers as well.